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From their very own national television show, to frequent appearances as dating and love experts on national talk shows and network news segments, Manhattan matchmakers Lori Zaslow and Jenn Zucher of Project Soulmate, BRAVO TV’s “Love Brokers”, have become the country’s leading matchmakers.

When Lori and Jenn, childhood friends, matched themselves together nearly 10 years ago to form Project Soulmate, the “business chemistry” was instantaneous, and their success at finding “love chemistry” for their clients soon followed.

“Matchmaking is an art- not a science”, says Lori. “I feel like an artist sometimes, envisioning how two people could beautifully blend together, and then trying to bring that vision to life”. “We look at all the objective factors our clients provide about who they are looking for, and then we add a mix of our experiences and sixth-senses for dating and relationships to make a match”, adds Jenn.

Project Soulmate is about exposing people to ideas, to other people, and even sometimes to a new way of thinking about love and dating. The principals work with each client to reach a consensus as to who will be a client’s potential match and potential soulmate.

“Lack of time and some bad experiences affect our clients’ dating lives”, says Jenn. We work our hearts-out to get our clients back in the game and back on track”, she adds. The Project Soulmate principals and the Project Soulmate team do all of the time-consuming legwork for clients. They do extensive screening of potential dates, and schedule date times and locations. “Our favorite part is talking with clients about how things went on the date, what our client loved, what needs tweaking, and how we can improve-upon each experience”, says Jenn. Adds Lori, “Of course, our goal is that we hit the mark on the first date- but, if not, we learn, so that we can get our client the result he or she is seeking….which is, of course, to find love”. 

Project Soulmate also offers unique online dating services. Clients who use Project Soulmate’s online dating services experience a tremendous increase in positive online interactions.

The Project Soulmate team uses a refined and proven combination of off-line interviews, online profile management, and personal discussions to ensure matchmaking success. Search the Project Soulmate website and learn more about who we are and how we work.

Whether this will be your first real romance or a second chance at love, Project Soulmate is extremely passionate about helping you meet your other half. Project Soulmate will find the half- who makes you whole.

What others say about us

Lori has set me up with the most fabulous women in New York and she has the most unique ability to find the right woman for you. She will not only give you her best, but give you the best.

Michael Goldberg

I am engaged! Jenn and Lori have exceptional taste; they are young yet sophisticated and know an enormous network of people. I was not expecting to fall in love so quickly.

Josh Greenberg

Lori and i have been friends since childhood. And for as long as I’ve known her, she has helped me make connections with other people. From finding my prom date to introducing me to my nanny, she truly finds happiness in helping others find the relationships they are looking for. It is only natural that Lori has chosen to create a business with the purpose of finding people their soulmate. Her amazing ability to deeply understand what a person wants and needs in a relationship coupled with her enviable capacity to network is what makes Lori a natural soul connector.

Nikki S.

Finally 2 matchmakers that walk the walk and talk the talk! They embody what love truly is through their successful marriages and family values. Please let them help you find what they have in their lives: true love.

Matt TitusRelationship Expert / Author / TV Personality

We’ll Find The Half… Who Makes You Whole